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This is a queer-positive, trans*-positive, body-positive blog and it always will be. Also Nepeta is kawaii :33

This is a true story, in the sense that all stories are true, once they are told.

The December solstice is the darkest day of the year, yes. In the northern hemisphere, anyways; of course we can’t forget that many stories like this are very North-centric. But pay that fact no heed as I continue.

The dark day, it was once called, after the sages determined it was indeed The dark day, and not just another dark day.

It is the day the Noble Circle is closest to our world. The day they look the hardest, are called the easiest.

The day they cannot be banished.

So a few sages - not the ones who measured and calculated the calendar, no, but cleverer and wiser sages than them, because before the calendar had been measured, it was not The dark day - they studied, and they worked, and they wrote.

They wrote rules.

They wrote this story.

The Nobles from the Ring do not dwell comfortably in the presence of unwanted sensation. Piercing especially is regarded as torturous torment, and avoided at all costs, even when the actual threat is minimal.

This is why we place needled trees in our homes.

The eyes of the Noble Circle are sensitive to the Light; this is why they come on The Dark Day.

The Day of Void.

The Longest Night.

To enslave the minds of the people, to consume, and to give their dubious gifts in return.

And so this is why we place upon our warding trees.

Our guardian pines.

Strings of Light and Silver, glittering chaotic tinsel that reflects and twists the brightness that surrounds it in a million million ways.

The flesh of the Noble Circle cannot abide heat.

It reminds them of the burning of the Green Sun.

Excuse me. The 



And so, they come on





The day when Light does not reign.

They come.

And so, along with our illuminated, verdant symbols of Life and Light.

We consume heat.

Take it into ourselves, warm and dark and rich.

That we may be shielded from the Nobles.

That our homes and bodies are warded with powerful symbols.

But what of our Minds, you ask?

What indeed.

For do we not mimic the Noble Court?

Consuming much, both food and drink.

Giving gifts, and expecting, hoping for more in return.

Making bonds with others, reinforcing them.

Is this the influence of the Circle, of the Ring, of the Eyes of the Void?

Or is this human nature?


Happy Holidays.